[ic] DanceShop layout for Interchange

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.com
Fri Jun 13 18:57:23 UTC 2014

Quoting Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (racke at linuxia.de):
> Jure recently released the layout for the DanceShop application
> (Interchange 6 Demo + Template) based on the wireframes produced
> during our March hackathon in Hancock.
> You can browse the layout here:
> http://shop.perl.dance/
> The layout is also available on Github:
> https://github.com/interchange/Interchange6-Demo-Shop (directory html/shop)
> Please check it out and leave feedback here or open issues / PR on Github.

This looks great.

I like how it is based on Bootstrap, and incorporates several features
used by many e-commerce stores. The Order Tracking page looks especially

A few thoughts:

    - I see the secondary CSS file, main.css, is quite large. Sometimes
      when a secondary CSS file is large, it means the site is heavily
      customized past the Bootstrap defaults. I haven't tried it, but I
      would hope one could customize the site colors, etc, via
      Bootstrap's Download page, drop in the new Bootstrap CSS file, and
      have the secondary CSS file play along nicely.

    - When using a dropdown "Sign In" box on every page, I personally
      view it as a best-practice if the entire site is delivered over
      HTTPS. Otherwise, users may take caution before signing in, if
      they see the page is not being delivered securely, even if the
      login form POSTs to a secure page. 

    - I notice the site scales down nicely for Responsive Web Design.
      However, it seems the top horizontal menu stops working. I see the
      collapse button (the one with 3 horizontal lines in it), but
      clicking it does nothing. Only tested on my desktop by resizing my
      browser; not on a mobile device.

    - The product images on the flypage are very large, but are scaled
      down to fit. For fastest delivery, these resources should be
      resized to something smaller, at least for the thumbnail views.

Overall, good work!

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