[ic] Retain shopping cart after browser restart

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 15:28:02 UTC 2015

>>> I noticed that Interchange loses the session once the browser is closed
>>> and re-opened.  Is there a way to make it persistent so that the shopping
>>> cart contents are retained like Amazon?
>> It looks like I may be out of luck as far as keeping sessions persistent:
>> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2011-January/052595.html
>> If so, is there a preferred method of retaining shopping cart contents in
>> the same browser across sessions without requiring the user to log in?  If
>> there is not, should I simply use set-cookie to save the current cart
>> contents at every page load and read-cookie whenever creating a new session?
> In that email from Mike that you pointed to, he pointed at how to do it
> (while also explaining why it's not the default).
> You need to set an expiration date on the MV_SESSION_ID cookie so it will
> persist after the browser is closed.
> You can do this by setting a GlobalSub in your interchange.cfg like this (to
> make the cookie last 1 week, for example):
> GlobalSub <<EOR
> sub set_cookie_expire {
>     $Vend::Expire = Vend::Config::time_to_seconds('1 week') + time();
>     return 1;
> }
> And then running it on every page load by setting an Autoload in your
> catalog.cfg like this:
> Autoload set_cookie_expire

Hi Jon, thank you for the code.  I noticed that comment from Mike but
he referenced a related security issue which scared me off.  Do you
know what he was refering too?

If I do implement it that way, to make sure my understanding is
correct, I should synchronize the expiration times in Vend::Expire,
SessionExpire, and in my find command which deletes old session

- Grant

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