2. interchange.cfg

The VendRoot directory, specified in the main program interchange, is the default location of all of the Interchange program, configuration, special, and library files. Unless changed in the call to interchange, the main Interchange server configuration file will be interchange.cfg in the VendRoot directory.

The directives defined in interchange.cfg affect the entire Interchange server and all catalogs running under it. Multiple Interchange servers may be run on the same machine with totally independent operation.

Following is an alphabetical listing of all global configuration directives.

AcceptRedirect *global*

ActionMap *global*

AddDirective *global*

AllowGlobal *global*

AutoVariable *global*

Capability *global*

Catalog *global*

CheckHTML *global*

CodeDef *global*

ConfigAllAfter *global*

ConfigAllBefore *global*

ConfigParseComments *global*

Database *global*

DataTrace *global*

DebugFile *global*

DeleteDirective *global*

DisplayErrors *global*

DomainTail *global*

DumpStructure *global*

EncryptProgram *global*

Environment *global*

ErrorFile *global*

FormAction *global*

FullUrl *global*

GlobalSub *global*

HammerLock *global*

HitCount *global*

HouseKeeping *global*

Inet_Mode *global*

IpHead *global*

IpQuad *global*

Locale *global*

LockoutCommand *global*

LockType *global*

Mall *global*

MaxRequestsPerChild *global*

MaxServers *global*

NoAbsolute *global*

PIDcheck *global*

PIDfile *global*

PreFork *global*

Profiles *global*

RobotIP *global*

RobotUA *global*

SafeUntrap *global*

SendMailProgram *global*

SOAP *global*

SOAP_Host *global*

SOAP_MaxRequests *global*

SOAP_Perms *global*

SOAP_Socket *global*

SOAP_StartServers *global*

SocketFile *global*

SocketPerms *global*

StartServers *global*

SubCatalog *global*

SysLog *global*

TagDir *global*

TagGroup *global*

TagInclude *global*

TcpHost *global*

TcpMap *global*

TemplateDir *global*

TolerateGet *global*

TrustProxy *global*

UrlSepChar *global*

Unix_Mode *global*

UserTag *global*

Variable *global*

VarName *global*