[ic] QuickBooks Export/Import Files

Dan Browning interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Wed Jul 2 23:30:01 EDT 2003

* Jon <prtyof5@attglobal.net> [2003-07-01 23:16]:
> > * Jon <prtyof5@attglobal.net> [2003-07-01 18:49]:
> > >
> > >     Would anyone be able to provide example QuickBooks files.
> > > The files I'm looking for are to move product definition,
> > > inventory, and transactions from IC to QB. Just an example
> > > of each that you use and confirm works would be wonderful
> > > and help me eliminate one of the variables.
> >
> > The tarball has extensions/quickbooks/* -- is that what you are looking for?
> > FYI, I have a couple of patches (bug fixes and enhancements) that I
> > need to apply to the 4.9 tree RSN.
>     Which files have the bugs ?

Now applied to CVS:

* Quickbooks updates:

  - Updated documentation.
  - Installation fixes.
  - Rewrite of the IIF generation query page:
    - Can query by order number range, date range, or "since last 
    - Allow specification of QuickBooks invoice number to be used
      and incremented during IIF generation.   
    - Filters out deleted orders.  
  - IIF Generation changes:
    - Use the country name instead of the country code.
    - Some filter updates (the period is not as dangerous as it looks).

> >
> > If you are referring to IIF files, QB distributes examples on their 
> > website.
> >
>      Yes, I've looked around at their site some time ago and will do
> so again.  But I was hoping someone would share a set of files that for
> sure works to play with and compare my results with.

The new code (4.9 CVS) is currently set to generate IIF files that will 
import into the Quickbooks 2003 example company file.  However, since many 
users customize their QuickBooks installation, then it becomes necessary to 
customize the IIF generator.
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