[ic] Runtime errors

Eric Odier-Fink odierfin at speakeasy.org
Wed Jul 9 19:55:31 EDT 2003

Quoting Eric Odier-Fink (odierfin at speakeasy.org):
> Hi. I'm new to IC and have been trying to get 4.9.8 up and running on
> RedHat 9, but keep running into these runtime errors. I am also using
> the *nicely* packaged perl-kitchensink tarball provided by Mike Heins
> to get through the initial threaded-perl-related problems.
> So, what I've got: In trying to access the admin page I first get a
> runtime error referred to in this discussion and use this workaround
> (http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-January/ 
> 031274.html), but now I get the following error (I've included the
> entire error line for detail):
> dsl093-172-016.pit1.dsl.speakeasy.net QSGaru4v:speakeasy.net -
> [02/July/2003:16:
> 26:58 -0400] justice /cgi-bin/justice/admin/index.html Runtime error:
> mv_metadata import failed: sdbm store returned -1, errno 22, key "kcat"
> at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/Common.pm line 432, <IN> line
> 18.

 > Did you really install from my perl-kitchensink tarball? The error
 > you show indicates that GDBM is not working. (There is a fallback
 > to SDBM, but the typical databases exceed its measly 1024 byte
 > record size.)

 > I think I would check and make sure that libgdbm.so is on
 > your system -- you probably don't have the libgdbm RPM installed.

 > --
 > Mike Heins

Thanks, Mike, for the reply. I have gdbm installed, though, clearly,  
it's not being 'seen'. I tried blasting the whole IC thing,  
re-installed gdmb from the tarball, reinstalled IC, re-set-up the  
foundation demo but still ended-up with the runtime/sdbm errors.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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