[ic] admin ui multiple group select for users

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Jul 16 10:44:41 EDT 2003

Quoting Sonny Cook (sonny at aspersion.org):
> There is a bug in UI/pages/admin/user_edit.html.  Multiple groups cannot 
> be added to the user from this page.  If multiple groups are in the db 
> table for a user, no groups will be displayed as selected.
> The fix for the first problem is:
> add <input type=hidden name=mv_click value=process_filter> into the form 
> on the page.  This will allow the ui_filter:groups to handle multiple 
> selections so they can be inserted into the database.
> The second can be fixed by modfying the following line which is found on 
> or about line 116.
> ]<OPTION VALUE="[group-code]" [selected groups [group-code]]>[group-data __UI_ACCESS_TABLE__ name]
> to be.
> ]<OPTION VALUE="[group-code]" [selected multiple=1 name=groups value=[group-code]]>[group-data __UI_ACCESS_TABLE__ name]
> This bug also appears to be in the online demo out of cvs.

I made the fix as you suggested and it works -- thank you. I did
decide to use option=groups instead of the [selected ...] tag,
though, which is more foolproof and easier.

> That is all.
> Sonny Cook

Good to hear from you again, Sonny. Long time no see...I don't
know if you have seen what has happened with the Vend::Payment
thing you started -- it has done well and quite a few people have
added modules.

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