[ic] displaying options price/inventory number on results and flypage.

Nicholas Cook ncook at intropolis.com
Mon Jul 28 16:55:35 EDT 2003

Is there a reason why the price and inventory number of an option are 
not displayed on the results and flypages?  For example, if you have 
item A, with options A-1 and A-2 associated with it, on the results 
page, A is displayed, with a price of 0.00 instead of the default option 
price.  On the flypage, you have options A-1 and A-2 show up in your 
drop down box, but once again, the price in the bottom bar for item A, 
displays 0.00, the coloums default.  The same thing happens for the 
inventory level.

As I go about changing this, I noticed that many people have posted the 
same observation to the list, but I never saw a reason why it is the way 
it is.  I also did not find any full solutions to this issue.  
Therefore, my questions are "Why is interchange setup this way by 
default (performance)?" and "What have other people using options done 
in order to code around the default settings?"

IC version 4.9.8, RH 8, mysql 3.23

Thank you,
Nicholas Cook

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