[ic] More reliable (or hassle free) alternative to AuthorizeNet?

Ed LaFrance edl at newmediaems.com
Mon Nov 24 07:54:13 EST 2003

At 08:17 PM 11/23/2003 -0600, you wrote:
> > Have you confirmed that there is indeed an AuthorizeNet.pm file in
> > VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment/ ? Has this file been uploaded from a Windows
> > machine via ftp?
>This is where it is:
>I downloaded a copy of the file to my hard drive some time ago to read it.
>I wanted to read the one on the server, rather than the one at Kevin Walsh's
>RTFM site, in case they were not the same versions.  However, there was no
>need to re-upload via ftp since I didn't alter the file.  What would have
>happened if I had re-uploaded from Windowss via ftp?
>The error message you are getting seems to suggest that
> > interchange cannot find the authorizenet subroutine, which is located in
> > this file.
>**Does that mean that Interchange might not find the file in:
>/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Business/OnlinePayment/AuthorizeNet.pm ?

I'm really not sure; I have never tried to use the module from that 
location. All the interchange payment modules (including AuthorizeNet.pm) 
are typically located in VENDROOT/lib/Vend/Payment/. I would not hurt to 
copy the module to that location, restart interchange and try again. I do 
know that the stock perl 5.8.0 that comes with Red Hat dists *will* cause 
problems with most of the payment modules, and needs to be recompiled with 
threading turned off.

>It's really been a disheartening part of the experience.  The Catalog is
>finished.  The client loves it.  I'm rather proud of it myself.  It will
>elevate my client's catalog to world class.  Interchange has done more than
>any of the other commercially available alternatives were capable of doing
>(I tested almost 50 of them).  I suspect that this AuthorizeNet problem is
>not due to any shortcoming of Interchange.  Something else is going on here.
>Most gratefully,
>Michael G.

No doubt this is just an issue with setup and configuration - myself and 
many others can attest to the fact that the interchange Authorizenet module 
works quite well. Perhaps you need to seek out the assistance of a consultant.

- Ed

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