[ic] Possible Bug at componets cart and saved_carts_list_small

Stephan Becker harlekin.simplex at web.de
Thu Oct 9 11:47:54 EDT 2003


[IC 4.9.8, SuSE 8.2, VMware 4 on XP, IE6x and Mozilla.]

through the last view days I sufferd some wired session problems accompanied
by furious bug hunting within my heavily reworked components cart and
After all I gave up and tried to reproduce this wired things at a shiny new
cloned default foundation catalog.
And - ? I was able to !.

If you safe a couple of carts you are able to retrieve them by just clicking
at the saved_carts_list_small entry´s or at the customerservice.html page
with nearly the same functionality (except the save date ist not properly
shown there).
After clicking on one saved cart you are thrown into AREA BASKET which
displays ord/basket.html containing both components cart and

Now, if you remove saved_carts_list_small from that basket page or you
remove cart from that page (or create any other combination of controls and
pages where cart and saved_carts_list_small are NOT shown TOGETHER then this
saved carts handling goes nuts (at least at my installation of course).

With IE you are able to get your saved cart after clicking SHIFT-Reload.
Mozilla does not gives you anything.

The cart sometimes stays displayed at the saved_carts_list_small list of
The same with the customerservice.html implementation.

If you are deleting now all of your carts you will find that the last one
could never ever be deleted except closing the browser and all and every
instance of it.

Sometimes in such a divorced configuration of that fancy couple I wasn´t
able to save any cart at all.

However, everything went fine again after a reunited them at ord/basket.html

First investigations led to no result at all, except that this issue may be
a combination of scope of the used perl (ITL) variables and the IC session

Well, ´cause I think this thing might take some time to be solved, if there
is need and time for, one can easily work around by just not parting them at
ord/basket.htm or wherever one of them should boldy apear ;)

Happy Hunting

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