[ic] Product Options with IC V4.9.8-200310030049

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Thu Oct 9 17:50:12 EDT 2003

On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 03:11  PM, Adrian P Wilkinson wrote:

> Hi,
> In the UI, when I select a product 'BIG00001', go to 'Options' and 
> select
> (f.e.) 'Simple Options' then click 'Update' I find that 'No Options' 
> is once
> again selected at the data has been posted.
> As I've said in the header, I'm using the latest nightly build
> (V4.9.8-200310030049) and have added...
> # Enable Options
> OptionsEnable   option_type
> ... to my catalog.cfg before stopping and starting the server.  Am I 
> doing
> something fundementally wrong here?  I could directly edit the tables 
> but
> I'm eager to fix the UI (if indeed it is broken!) as end-users aren't 
> going
> to have the knowledge necessary do so!
> Any comments or clues welcome.  Thanks for those that have helped with
> previous enquiries, by the way.
> Regards, Ade.

I just fixed this recently on my 4.9.8:

I think I setup a test catalog called 'foundation' with the sample 
Then copy foundation/etc/after.cfg to your catalog's etc/after.cfg.


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