[ic] SOLVED Very wierd stuff on demo site using latest IE

DB DB at m-and-d.com
Fri Oct 10 00:30:24 EDT 2003

> I'm running Win2k with the latest patches. When I visit the icdevgroup 
> website, the dropdown menus at the top don't work (they work ok when I 
> use a recent Mozilla).
> Also using IE, when I go to the 4.9.8 live demo and try to buy 
> something, the checkout page acts goofy. Credit Card is selcted for 
> Payment Method, but there's nowhere to enter the credit card 
> information. But there is a place to enter a PO number ??
> It can't be just me.... can others verify the wierdness?
> DB

I reinstalled IE into my Win2k box and now all is well. One thing 
however... on the icdevgroup.org home page I see no link to the live 
demo. That link only appears when you mouseover the Home tab while 
viewing another tab. The live demo would be what most first time vistors 
want to see no? I think making the link more obvious would help the cause.


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