[ic] Basket empty on checkout with Netscape 7.1

David Etheredge cpu.dave at att.net
Mon Oct 13 02:38:10 EDT 2003

>> I have had several customers complain that when they click on the
>> button, they stay in the basket page or if they get to the checkout
>> page, they are told "no items in cart". I installed Netscape 7.1 and
>> verified that it happens every time.
>> After clicking checkout 2 or 3 times, I finally get to the checkout page
>> with "no items in the cart".
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Dave
>Is your secure URL under a different domain from the rest of the store?
>That setup can be made to work with a few compromises.
Thanks, No it is the same domain.

Additional information:

When checkout is clicked, the id changes.


...  the new id is re-displayed in basket.html with the correct items.
When checkout is clicked again, the user is sent to the checkout page with
an empty cart.


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