[ic] mv_metadata and formatting a date value YYYYMMDD

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Tue Oct 21 18:22:54 EDT 2003

I have a table that has start and end columns in it that I am populating
using the YYYYMMDD format.

The mv_metadata is currently using the widget type of Date Selector.

When using the table editor to create/edit a record the display is fine.
There is no problem using the widget.

What I would like to do is change the format that is being used on the
select screen. On this screen the fields list as YYYMMDD. The column header
is using the "Label" field that I set in mv_metadata for the column.

Since this screen is using part of the mv_metadata I was wondering if I
could change the display from YYYYMMDD to a more presentable format.

I think the format used by [convert-date] would work well on this screen.

I have tried entering different combinations of this tag to no avail (i.e.

Is it possible to get the results I am looking for on the select screen
(using flex_selector via table editor)? If so, can anyone give me some ideas
on how to do it?

Gary Norton
broadGap Technologies

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