[ic] UI Content Component editor mangle tags

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Mon Jul 5 14:33:11 EDT 2004

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> Subject: [ic] UI Content Component editor mangle tags
> Hello all ...
> Have come across a stange problem with the UI Component editor , while i
> was switching between editing on a ssh with vi
> and with the UI interface.
> I was editing the component cart and when I saved it with the UI
> interface it mangled one of the tags ?
> As i have a daily backup to refrence I soon noticed there was a problem
> and investigated finding that
> in the component/cart "[quanity-name]" was changed to "quanity0" and
> restoring the file I tried to edit with the UI inteface and yet again it
> changed it mangled the tag, I am asuming that this isnt supose to happen .
> Im not to sure what will fix this...
> Ideas ?
> Regards
> Sean Benton

I had the same problem just a few days ago.  Apparently the parser burps
when it comes to [quantity-name], [modifier-name foo], and [list][/list]
tags, and the only way to ensure that doesn't happen for now (aside from
fixing the bug :)) is to edit your components outside of the component
editor.  It's not hard at all.  I personally prefer it anyway, since i get
to use vi.

If you based your catalog on foundation, the components are at
(catroot)/templates/components.  They're regular text files, and look a lot
like what you see in the textarea in the component editor, with the
exception of a few lines at the beginning which tell interchange about the
component and its controls.  If you can figure out how to use those lines
(which isn't hard), it's simple to create your own components from scratch
without bothering with the component editor.

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