[ic] How to set up so "decrypt credit card" link will work?

Janine Sisk janine at furfly.net
Wed Jul 21 12:39:44 EDT 2004

To add a bit more to the below... I think I know what I did, but not 
how to fix it.

 From an untouched installation of Interchange, products/variable.txt:

PGP_KEY         Encryption

 From the one I edited yesterday:

PGP_KEY 4252762F        gpg --no-default-keyring --always-trust 
--keyring /var/lib/interchange/.gnupg/pubring.gpg -e -a --batch -t -r 

4252762F is the UID of the key I chose, and for the rest it appears I 
put the value in the wrong place and changed the section PGP_KEY is in. 
  Except that when I click on that link in the Preferences menu, I get 
an empty table with "No records";  PGP_KEY doesn't show up there, or 

Hmm.  I am guessing it would be a bad idea to try editing variable.txt 
directly, as there is also a variable.gdbm that probably has to be kept 
in sync.

Any suggestions?


On Jul 21, 2004, at 12:04 PM, Janine Sisk wrote:

> On Jul 20, 2004, at 5:37 PM, Jonathan Clark wrote:
>> Things have improved somewhat since IC 4.8. Go to Administration >>
>> Preferences >> Encryption and select the PGP_KEY setting. If the key 
>> has
>> already been imported it will be in the drop down. If not, you can 
>> click the
>> 'Add a GPG/PGP key' link to import the public key file. Then go back 
>> and
>> select the key for the PGP_KEY setting.
>> The ENCRYPTOR setting can be left blank and IC will find GPG on its 
>> own.
> Uhoh... I seem to have messed something up.
> Yesterday I did the following:
> - generated a new key for the interchange user, and verified it was in 
> the PGP_KEY dropdown
> - exported the public key and copied it to my local system
> - it still wasn't working so I went into PGP_KEY and filled in the 
> value recommended in that old post:
> gpg --no-default-keyring --always-trust --keyring 
> /home/interch/.gnupg/pubring.gpg -e -a --batch -t -r '%s'
> This morning it dawned on me that the problem was that I needed to 
> create a new test order with the PGP stuff set up right in order for 
> the decryption to work.  So I did that, and this time I got a properly 
> encoded value when I clicked on "decrypt credit card" and downloaded 
> TEST0003.pgp.  Progress!
> However, it seems that I did the keys backwards because I can't 
> decrypt it;  I get an error about the secret key not being present.  I 
> had hoped that keeping the secret key on the server would work because 
> I need to have multiple people all able to decrypt these files on 
> their local machines, but apparently that is not to be.  So I 
> generated a new key locally, uploaded my public key to the server, and 
> imported it into interchange's keyring.  So far, so good.
> Then I go into interchange to change which key I'm using, and the 
> PGP_KEY option has disappeared!  When I go to 
> Administration>>Preferences>>Encryption, all I see there is Encryptor. 
>  However I do see that the gpg command mentioned above is now showing 
> up in the Edit Preferences menu (listed after Template).  When I click 
> on it there is no way to delete it.
> What did I do, and how do I get PGP_KEY back?
> thanks,
> janine

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