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Ed LaFrance (New Media E.M.S.) ic_users at newmediaems.com
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At 08:17 PM 7/28/2004, you wrote:

>Hello all, any help on this issue would be appreciated. I tried searching 
>the archives but didn't quite find anything that quite addressed my issue, 
>though I know it must be a common one.
>Basically, I would like to have interchange display a list of links on the 
>left (from the vertical category bar) but just have it display product 
>areas (no categories)... I'm doing a paintball-themed site, so the links 
>on the left would just be like "Goggles", "Guns", "Barrels", etc. Upon 
>clicking on one of the main areas, the user would see a list of the 
>different manufacturers, or categories in the *main* area, and would then 
>be able to click on manufacturers, such as "Smart Parts", or "Dye" and 
>then have interchange do the search and display the products under that 
>I can't figure out the way to do this; any time I set up a search, even if 
>I specify to search on the 'cat' table instead of the 'products' table, I 
>always get a list of products returned, never just a list of categories.. 
>Ive played around, read lots of documentation, and experimented but still 
>can't find a simple way to display a list of categories rather than a list 
>of products. I'm not very knowledgeable about interchange, though, so that 
>could be part of it. Any help or pointers to other threads addressing this 
>issue would be much appreciated! Thanks much.
>feanor at u.washington.edu

AFAIK there is no 'category list' page in the foundation demo's page 
repository. You would need to create one, constructed to include a 
one-click search for each category, then make your side bar links complex 
search types so you could target this page for each prod_group. It's a fair 
amount of code and requires basic understanding of ITL and the way that 
searches work in Interchange.

- Ed

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