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Ton Verhagen <tverhagen at alamerce.nl> wrote:
>Andrew Baerg <andrewbaerg at yoursole.com> wrote:
>> >From Interchange Docs:
>>PIDcheck *global*
>>If have long-running database builds, this needs to be disabled. Set it 
>>to a high value (perhaps 600, for 10 minutes), or use the offline script.
>>I have a cron script that is run every half an hour which sometimes 
>>requires a long time to execute. I am currently running it by using lynx 
>>to load the page http://www.interchange_server.com/cgi-bin/store/cron, 
>>but it would be nice if I didn't have to deal with timeouts. Does anybody 
>>know more about this offline script that is mentioned in the IC docs or 
>>some other way to execute this interchange page?
>Searching the Interchange User List using the term 'cron':

And also http://ftp.icdevgroup.org/interchange/4.9/WHATSNEW :

* Add global Jobs configuration directive:

   Jobs MaxLifetime 3600
   Jobs MaxServers  3

   After a job has been running for MaxLifetime seconds, it will be
   removed by next housekeeping run. The default MaxLifetime is 10
   minutes. This setting is only available if PIDcheck has been set.

   MaxServers is the number of jobs allowed to be run simulatenously,
   which should be significantly smaller than the value in the
   MaxServers directive to avoid unaccessibility of Interchange for
   users. The default for MaxServers is 1.

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