[ic] UserTrack question

Frank Miedreich miedreich at kochan.de
Wed Oct 6 10:51:10 EDT 2004

Am 06.10.2004 um 04:54 schrieb Jon:

> I've noticed in my usertrack file that a user can have multiple
> IP address (some close and some way out) while having the
> same session ID.  Does this sound possible ?  How can it
> be possible, and is it a problem ?  I notice this occurs when
> the user moves from the basket page to the checkout page and
> I'm wondering if this could be causing the person to loose their
> cart contents.  I have no idea this is happening or not just some
> speculation/concern on my part.  And I do have dedicated IP with SSL.
> Jon

This is actually quite common with several large ISPs, most notably 
AOL. I do not see any reason for this happening more often on specific 
pages, other than possibly the time a user spends on the page.

It should not be a problem (with interchange), a user should keep the 
session ID as well as his basket.

cheers, Frank

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