[ic] AuthNet Failure, but Order #'s still assigned

Glenn McCalley techlist at bnetmd.net
Thu Jan 6 20:10:56 EST 2005

IC V5.2.0

Hi all, this is a new store, just went live today, and our first under 5.2.
Testing looked great, using AuthorizeNet and -that- works great.  Orders are
coming in already!

In the orders lib, 2 files turned up missing.  For example:

$ls orders

...missing 001551 and 001553.    The orders that -are- there look great.
Checked authorize.net transaction listing and it shows 2 credit card
declines (AVS MisMatch) for the same customer.  Matched up the customer
names on the orders surrounding the missing ones and these are my two
missings all right.  OK, I can understand an address mis-match, happens all
the time.  BUT -- I thought an order number was not assigned
-until- the charge came back accepted?

IC error.log shows: 9dvY24Vh:aol.com - [06/January/2005:19:22:55 -0500] ishop
/cgi-bin/ishop/process Safe: Real-time charge failed. Reason: Authorizenet
error: The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address provided
does not match billing address of cardholder.. Please call in your order or
try again.
> die errmsg(
> "Real-time charge failed. Reason: %s\n",
> errmsg($Session->{cybercash_error}),
> );
> 9dvY24Vh:aol.com - [06/January/2005:19:22:55 -0500] ishop
/cgi-bin/ishop/process Route log failed. 9dvY24Vh:aol.com - [06/January/2005:19:22:55 -0500] ishop
/cgi-bin/ishop/process ERRORS on ORDER IS001553:
> Error during creation of order routing log:
> Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1997.

The referenced line in Order.pm is the "die $msg" invoked when the route
...OK so there's no order file in the orders lib 'cause the route failed,
but why did the order number get assigned when the charge failed?

Any ideas welcome,

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