[ic] Admin order entry failing

Ethan Rowe ethan at endpoint.com
Fri Jan 21 15:14:53 EST 2005

Glenn McCalley wrote:

>Hi there,
>Entering an order through the admin interface.
>When one clicks "Place Order" one gets the error:
>Customer record creation: There was an error adding to the customer table.
>table userdb: Attempt to write userdb::password::U03216 in read-only table
>- This has never worked properly in this particular store.
>- Same results regardless of the admin user ID used, including interch, the
>Site Administrator.
>- Customer orders online are going well with no problems.
>The error.log shows:
>...process Route log failed.
>...process ERRORS on ORDER IS003718
>...process Attempt to write userdb::password::U01956 in read-only table
>...process Safe: Auto-create of user tailed. at (tag 'perl') line 1.
>which would seem to indicate a password error?
I think the pertinent information is "in read-only table".

It sounds to me like you need to use [tag flag write]userdb[/tag] to set 
the userdb writable on the order entry page (or in the order route; 
wherever it is that the user record is created in your catalog).  This 
needs to happen before any other access to the userdb table within that 
page.  I'd look here first.  This doesn't explain why the admin order 
entry works properly in other locations...

>- Route log and Route entry are untouched from installation.
>- I checked the posts from last summer that discussed an error creating a
>customer record due to no password because of no zip code entered and this
>has a zip code.  Well, there is a 5 digit number in the box and the no-zip
>edit passes.
>- There is no existing user "U01956".  There is a U01955 and U01957.
>- Unix permissions are the same as all our other stores.  Admin order entry
>works OK in the other stores.
>- It seems all stores share the same UI entry.html page so I wouldn't think
>that's it since other stores work OK.
Perhaps there's some behavioral difference in how the UI entry is used 
between the stores?  Perhaps they only work with existing customers for 
other stores, or they always create the user account prior to order 
entry?  (Yes, these sound unlikely)

>- comparison of catalog.cfg and variable.txt files with stores that work
>doesn't seem to show anything of value.
>IC 5.2.0 / Perl 5.8 / Perl signals are unsafe / MaxServers = 0
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