[ic] Improving product search results

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon May 30 15:49:08 EDT 2005

> IC integrates with the glimpse search engine which will give you
> spelling correction: <http://webglimpse.net/> but not, afaik, synonyms.
> You could probably also integrate it with the swishe search engine
> <http://swish-e.org/> though that is not directly supported in IC I
> don't think it would be very difficult to do.  Among the listed features
> of swishe is Word stemming, soundex, metaphone, and double-metaphone
> indexing for "fuzzy" searching which should ceartainly give you a type
> or several types of spelling corrections.  Again, I don't think it does
> synonyms.
> If you want synonyms you may be stuck implementing them yourself, unless
> you want to fork over $3000 to google.  The logic should be simple
> enough and pretty much boils down to proper indexing and having a decent
> lookup table (thesaurus), though the CPU power needed to do them might
> be too much.  The logic for fixing spelling errors is widely available
> and you can probably pinch some code from (or even directly interface
> to) aspell for that.
> Peter

I found this for Swish integration:


Anybody pleased with Swish?

- Grant

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