[ic] cannot create account on public side

Stuart Lowe stuart at stuartlowe.com
Fri Apr 28 09:45:19 EDT 2006

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 02:13:49PM -0700, Peter wrote:
> On 04/27/2006 06:52 AM, Stuart Lowe wrote:
> >(Customer record creation): There was an error adding you to the
> >customer table.
> >(table userdb): set_row error as called by Vend::Table::DBI:
> >DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: null value in column "password"
> >violates not-null constraint fields=username,inactive
> >values='U00003',''''''
> Try this from the psql backend (SQL syntax from memory, not positive if 
> it is correct):
> alter table userdb alter password set default '';
> ...and also add the corresponding default to your 
> catroot/dbconf/pgsql/userdb.pgsql file.
> Peter

OK:  when I manually set the default to '' for column password (and the sql was verbatim btw)
as well as adding the corresponding default to catroot/dbconf/pgsql/userdb.pgsql:

Database  userdb  COLUMN_DEF   "password=varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT = ''"  (is this correct??)

I was immediately able to create a new account and log in to it.  I was also able to log out, 
send orders etc.  If I tried to create an account without a password, it wouldn't let me 
('Must enter at least 4 characters for password.') which is good.

All the correct user info was also reflected in the userdb table.

This is good.  But why?

Can anyone offer any insight into why I had to do this to get it to work?

Thanks for all you suggestions.

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