[ic] Where does mv_transaction_id get set?

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Fri Feb 3 12:28:49 EST 2006

Paul Jordan wrote:

> I tried undoing many armature programming errors I made very early on in IC
> yesterday, and now my catalog will not take orders. It was built in 4.8, and
> now is in 5.4. My attempts that caused the issue were to integrate the new
> profiles.order and log_transaction files. I think the issue revolves around
> mv_transaction_id. I don't believe this is getting set, and subsequently, an
> order times out and gets hammered.
> My other built-from-5.4 catalogs write a order file to
> tmp/session/*mv_transaction_id*/*session*.dump. My problem catalog only
> shows tmp/session/*session*.dump, so that is why I think it is
> mv_transaction_id, or at least a good place to start with.
> I grepped a catalog tree for mv_transaction_id and only found the
> log_transaction file and order session dumps. Where does this (value) get
> set. Any help?

Hi, Paul.  Did you take a look at:


-John Young

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