[ic] Where does mv_transaction_id get set?

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Feb 7 15:18:21 EST 2006

>Currently using IC 5.4 and Authorizenet.
>I noticed the following line (from AuthorizeNet.pm):
>    x_Invoice_Num                   => $actual->{mv_order_number},
>The x_Invoice_Num is not being sent, since the mv_order_number is 
>not available yet during the authorization.
>Any suggestion on another value that needs to be used - maybe 
>mv_transaction_id ?

In case this comes up for someone else - these changes will give you 
a reference number for x_Invoice_Num in the authorize.net reports.

I added mv_transaction_id to the following subroutine in Payment.pm

# Do remapping of payment variables submitted by user
# Can be changed/extended with remap/MV_PAYMENT_REMAP
sub map_actual {
         my ($vref, $cref) = (@_);
         $vref = $::Values               unless $vref;
         $cref = \%CGI::values   unless $cref;
         my @map = qw(


Then change the  x_Invoice_Num line in AuthorizeNet.pm to reflect the 
transaction id.

  x_Auth_Code                             => $actual->{auth_code},
                 x_Invoice_Num                   => 
                 x_Password                              => $secret,

I also added the transaction id to be emailed to order processing by 
changing the following line in
-     ORDER DATE: [tag time]%c[/tag]
     ORDER NUMBER: [value mv_order_number]
      CC TRANS_ID: [value mv_transaction_id]

The only other item I need to address is adding this value to the 
transaction database - but that is fairly straight forward.


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