[ic] Order Profile 'cod' 'credit card' not found

Bill Carr bill at worldwideimpact.com
Tue Jul 18 16:59:39 EDT 2006

On Jul 18, 2006, at 4:26 PM, Matthew Dell - In The Sun, LLC wrote:

> Hi
> I have been searching through documentation to find a fix for this  
> error in my log file:
> /cgi-bin/[store name]/ord/finalize.html Order profile cod not found  
> and:
> /cgi-bin/[store name]/process Order profile credit_card not found
> I am using IC 5.4.  I have not been able to process a test  
> transaction and I do not get any error messages.  I have looked  
> through finalize.html and it seems to be in order.  I looked  
> through profiles.order and all the components are there for cod and  
> credit_card.
Check for a ".structure" document in the catroot directory. Look in  
there to make sure there is a cod profile defined for your catalog. I  
think there is a configuration directive to control the creation of  
the structure document. It might be off by default.

-Bill Carr

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