[ic] Linkpoint gateway and module usage - stable?

Paul Jordan jordan at gishnetwork.com
Thu Mar 30 13:44:05 EST 2006

Hello List

Even though this is not really an IC - problem question, I will try to make
it relevant to help IC users. As of now IC is still widely known as an
Ecommerce platform. As this will change in the future, many of us still
do/will use it for eCommerce. When a developer is asked to deliver an online
solution that compliments an offline setup, maybe they will have a bit more
information here.

Question: What is your experience with Linkpoint's gateway. I understand IC
has a Linkpoint module built already. I am very familiar with AuthorizeNet
and use them on several applications with Interchange. It has been extremely
stable and have yet had a single problem, although my applications are low

A client wants mobile retail transactions as well. Linkpoint has a Cellular
connected swipe terminal, in addition to their eCommerce gateway. This makes
for a nice bundle under one management interface.


As of yet, AuthorizeNet is just now rolling out some IP enabled swipe
terminals through Hypercom (Hypercom Optimum T4100). Which are devices that
would operate exactly like an Interchange website does, over the internet.


I believe this can help an Interchange Developer by being able to be
knowledgeable when delivering a solution for a company with both offline and
online establishments, instead of being dump to the offline end.

Is Linkpoint stable and problem free?
Is Interchange's Linkpoint module stable or does it need work?

If my client ends up benefiting from a Linkpoint-only relationship we would
terminate his existing AuthorizeNet setup and hook to Linkpoint. I am asking
before hand, because if it is not stable, or it needs work, I can have that
work done before the switch, or not switch at all.

Obviously, I don't want him to switch his account, to find out we downgraded
from AuthNet to Linkpoint. I have not existing Linkpoint relationships, so I
have no way of seeing for myself. Based on the archives, it does seem like
it works, but I am wondering "how well".

Thank you very much for any experience you can pass on


Paul Jordan

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