[ic] Order routing stalled (PaypalExpress)

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Fri Apr 11 10:10:55 UTC 2008

On Friday 11 April 2008 09:26:55 Craig Burton wrote:
> Dear All
> Using PaypalExpress.pm for checkout - which appears to be working fine
> (well, on their live system, but I think they have a separate issue with
> the test accounts at the mo). Usual finale to the checkout for this is,
> upon receiving the call back from Paypal, to get the user details from
> Paypal and present these on a checkout page. After the user has OKed these,
> then call Paypal to confirm the payment. Not wanting to have the user be
> presented with another Interchange page (on which to potentially change
> their mind) and to take advantage of the ability to have Paypal display a
> "You are paying now, rather than confirming later" button, I've amalgamated
> the calls to Paypal for the last two stages of the transaction. So the flow
> goes:
> get token from Paypal
> redirect user to Paypal page, with token
> Paypal sorts payment with user and calls back Interchange
> Interchange calls Paypal to get user details, confirms payment and
> redirects user to "thanks v much" page

Paypal and PaypalExpress are two different animals - what you seem to want is 
the standard Paypal. There is a module for this, but it's not mine, I've 
never used it and so I can't speak for it.

However, Paypal/Ebay have an horrendous reputation for jumping on people with 
little or no excuse, and what you are doing here is giving them a very good 
excuse to jump on you. The Express checkout flow is documented as needing to 
flow the way I  built it, ie the customer returns to your site and then makes 
final payment by clicking. This also lets you update shipping and taxes by 
the way. 

> Not sure whether it's amalgamating those last two stages, or not having a
> page called 'checkout' in the process that does it, but, whilst the Paypal
> authentication is successful, no order is logged in Interchange, items
> remain in cart, etc. The only way I have at the moment of logging the order
> is to copy the relevant chunk from etc/log_transaction into the page that
> catches the callback from Paypal. M'sure there must be a nice simple way of
> doing this, but a reasonable amount of RTFM and Googling has so far proved
> fruitless. Any way to simply have Interchange continue with the order
> routing at this point?

I suggest you look at using the standard Paypal module.  If you need to handle 
IPNs, I do have a separate PaypalIPN module for that which could do with a 
little more testing ...

> thanks, Craig

Lyn St George
Interchange hosting, developing, support

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