[ic] moving sessions to mysql - no luck

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Wed Jan 16 17:41:17 EST 2008

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, DB wrote:

> Ok - so these lines go into catalog.cfg correct?
> SessionType DBI
> SessionDB sessions
> Variable SESSION_USER myusername
> Variable SESSION_PASS mypassword
> Variable SESSION_DSN dbi:mysql:mycatalog:localhost
> Also, do these lines go into catalog.cfg, or into a new file 
> .../dbconf/mysql/sessions.sql ?
> Database  sessions  sessions.txt  __SESSION_DSN__
> Database  sessions  USER          __SESSION_USER__
> Database  sessions  PASS          __SESSION_PASS__
> Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "code=VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
> Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "session=TEXT"
> Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "sessionlock=VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT ''
> Database  sessions  COLUMN_DEF    "last_accessed=TIMESTAMP(14)"

Yes, that all looks correct.

> I think I'm still missing something :(

Do you have query logging enabled in MySQL, and can you see even a 
connection attempt being made?

Does the sessions table exist in MySQL? Can you connect with a simple Perl 
program using the DSN, user, and pass you supplied?

In interchange.cfg, is DEBUG set and DataTrace enabled, and debug logging 
going somewhere? Anything showing up there?

You could try deleting your file-based session directory entirely as well, 
and it should throw a 500 error if it's trying to write there but can't, 
indicating it's not using database sessions.


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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