[ic] Interchange color/size/etc options.

Adam Lambert adam at khouse.org
Tue Apr 7 23:18:17 UTC 2009

Steve Graham wrote:
>  enable options", and then the following list with radio buttons:
>> No Options
>> Simple Options
>> Matrix Options, one widget
>> Matrix Options, separate widgets
>> Modular Options
>>    There is also an "Update" button.   I can click whatever I want for
>> a radio button, and then click "update", and as far as I can tell,
>> nothing ever happens.   There is no option to enter name/label/etc.
>> Anyone have any help they can offer?
>> Thanks,
>> -- 
>> Adam Lambert
> Your installation should look like the demo mentioned. Did you log into the 
> demo link referenced, just to get a feel of how it works?
> What version of IC are you using?  If you look at the demo you can see the 
> version at the bottom of the admin UI page.

    Yes, the demo version looked great.  I wish mine would do that. 
:)    Version is 5.4.1, if I'm not mistaken.  Also, in further digging,
I am starting to suspect that I am missing the "options" table in my
database.   Anyone know where I could find the schema to create it?


Adam Lambert
Koinonia House, Inc.
adam at khouse.org

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