[ic] ActionMap breaks subcatalog

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Thu Jan 8 00:59:51 UTC 2009

David Christensen wrote:
> Marty,
>> When defining an ActionMap for a subcatalog, an error is produced when
>> trying to load a page.  ActionMap does not appear to break the parent
>> catalog, only the subs.
>> This ActionMap is defined in both the parent and sub catalogs....
>> ActionMap foo sub { return 1; }
>> When the interchange server is started, all is well.  Trying to  
>> access a
>> page on the sub catalog produces this error.
>> store1 /cgi-bin/store1/ Runtime error: do not know how to copy
>> Safe=HASH(0xad7aa98) at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Util.pm line  
>> 818.
>> I was also able to produce a slight different error, but not sure  
>> how...
>> store1 /cgi-bin/store1/ Runtime error: do not know how to copy
>> Safe=CODE(0xaf8f6c0) at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Util.pm line  
>> 818.
>> I have done some testing and "swapped" catalogs (made the parent the
>> sub), the error remained.  So I think it *may* be a bug.
> Do you have some more specific information such as your Interchange  
> version number, the specific name of the ActionMap, and the names of  
> the parent and subcatalogs?  Are these errors occurring on every page  
> in the sub-catalog or only on certain pages?  Are there any other  
> interesting messages in interchange and the catalogs' error/debug  
> logs?  Any messages when restarting interchange?
> Regards,
> David
Hi David,

My bad, I forgot to put version numbers, here they are, my apologies....


The ActionMap that causes the problem actually is...

ActionMap foo sub { return 1; }

The catalog names are "storea" and "storeb" (it's a test system)

The error occurs when I try to access index.html but it happens on any
page as far as I can tell. 

No other errors are reported in the interchange debug.log file or the
catalog error file. 

I'll keep digging around and see if I can get more info out of the
system to diagnose it. 

I think it has something to do with safe.pm since the copyref function
has a test for /HASH/

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Marty Tennison
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