[ic] Can IC always look in ~/pages/?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 03:18:59 UTC 2010

>> I'm running IC 5.7.6 and I'd like to be able to define a folder in
>> VendURL like 'http://www.example.com/folder-name' but have IC grab
>> pages from ~/pages/ instead of ~/pages/folder-name/.  I got this
>> working for most pages by setting mv_nextpage in an autoload, but I
>> need a way to do something similar for 'SpecialPage order
>> shopping-cart'.  I tried setting the following on the fly with no
>> luck:
>> $Config->{SpecialPage}{order} = '../shopping-cart';
>> Can SpecialPage order be defined on the fly?
> I think so, but only for the current page (so doing so may be a bit
> pointless).  Also I think that doing that won't accomplish what you are
> trying to accomplish.
>>  Should I be going about this a different way?
> More than likely.  Can you back up a bit and give us some more info on
> what you want to do ... from the beginning?  I think one solution that
> may work better for you is to use the Apache Alias and/or ScriptAlias
> directives or mod_rewrite but it's hard to say from your explanation.
> Peter

Hi Mike & Peter,

I'm ashamed to say I've been at this for about 12 hours now without a
solution.  Fortunately I do have more info and I think it's enough to
come up with something.

My goal is to define VendURL and SecureURL on the fly.  I've been
doing this with different domains for awhile with none of these
problems, but I've never attempted to define a folder in either
directive until today and this has caused the following problems.
I've come up with workarounds for the first two, I could come up with
one for the third, but the fourth is nasty.

1. For most of my URLs, an mv_nextpage is set in an Autoload and those
pages still work fine.  My "normal" pages that are built straight out
of ~/pages/ did not work so I set mv_nextpage in the Autoload for the
appropriate URLs and they work fine now.

2. I have 'SpecialPage order shopping-cart' defined and adding
products to the cart doesn't work.  I fixed this by adding <input
type="hidden" name="mv_nextpage" value="shopping-cart" /> to my
product pages.

3. I have 'SpecialPage catalog index' defined and index.html requests
do not work.  I could come up with something similar to my #1 solution
above for this.

4. All form profile "page declarations" don't work including
mv_nextpage, &success, and &fail.

In all instances, "doesn't work" means a completely blank page is
loaded and the following error appears in the global error.log:

Died in server spawn: read: closed at
/usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Server.pm line 770.

I have one more key piece of info.  When a page doesn't work, the
value of [cgi mv_nextpage] that appears in an AutoEnd is
"folder-name/process" where folder-name is the name of the folder
specified in VendURL and SecureURL.

I should mention that this problem doesn't apply to all POSTs.  My
search results page POSTs but it loads fine because an mv_nextpage is
set, and adding a product to the cart POSTs and that works fine after
my workaround.  Everything works perfectly as long as I don't include
a folder in the VendURL and SecureURL definitions.

- Grant

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