[ic] Paypal Module - need one to work

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Sat Nov 10 14:30:11 EST 2007

Norm Dressler writes: 

>> No I was referring to answering on the bottom of the e-mail, not on the top. 
>> Some people ignore 'top posted' messages. I don't, but with the Paypal 
>> functionality you can use all the help you need.  
>> I have never looked at how to incoporate the Paypal functionality in my IC 
>> websites, and because I don't have a need for it (and expect it will be 
>> quite a bit of tinkering) it has low priority.  
> Thanks - I don't normally top post but I've had a cold for the last few
> days so who knows :) 
> Anyways, I have modified finalize.html to activate the
> ord/paypalsetrequest.html as suggested but I'm getting an error right
> away: 
> There were errors in your last submission: 
>         (Payment process): There was an error accepting payment:
>         Real-time charge failed. Reason:   
> Please correct the areas listed above which are highlighted in this
> color in the form.  
> The log file shows:
> fjAIQwjH: - [10/November/2007:13:42:05
> -0500] jnd /cgi-bin/jnd/ord/finalize.html ERRORS on ORDER TEST0016:
>> Error during creation of order routing log:
>> Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line
> 1841. 
> And i'm not sure what the problem is now.  Any help would be
> appreciated.

Found below just by typing 'Route log failed' on www.icdevgroup.org:

Don't forget to search a bit. Most of the problems have been encountered by 
others as well. And if you had searched first, your cold might be more 
serious than you think ;) 



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